5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Automated Reception Management System

Your customers, suppliers, employees, and delivery personnel don’t just visit your workplace: they help run your business and drive your productivity. Making the lives of those at the heart of your company easier will, in turn, boost the happiness and output of everyone in the workplace.

What is the easiest way to increase efficiency and wellbeing at your workplace? By employing the services of a combined employee and visitor management system to automate your reception. A simple front desk management app, like VizBook, presents a professional image and offers a quick sign-in experience. In this article, we discuss how a visitor management app can change the way you manage visitors and employees on a typical day.

1. A Professional Experience

A professional first impression is vital to showcase your brand to everyone who walks through your door, to show you care about every aspect of your business. That’s why our intuitive, sleek, and modern app is designed for a flawless sign-in process so you can present a great first impression to clients, contractors, suppliers, interviewees, strategic partners, business stakeholders, and prospective clients (to name just a few).

  • Having an easy-to-use sign-in kiosk greets visitors and employees with a professional image to match your business.
  • It enables paperless consent to legal and privacy policies.
  • The option to capture visitor photos increases workplace security.

2. Front Desk Management

In a fast-paced modern workplace, receptionists and personal assistants have more than ever in their daily schedule. They do far more than greeting visitors and managing executive diaries, as they are often over-occupied with supporting admin tasks, following up on commitments, managing internal communications, and much, much more… Having an automated digital front desk can help them free up time to execute their other key tasks effectively.

  • Register visitors in advance to save long queues at the front desk.
  • A searchable host list on an iPad kiosk enables self-sign-in round the clock.
  • Instant visitor arrival notifications are sent to hosts.
  • Seamless sign-out experience via scannable QR code.

3. Workplace Security

Keeping unwanted visitors away and monitoring who is in the building at all times are two of the main aims of any security team. With a digital visitor management app, like VizBook, you can control visitor access by implementing a pre-registration-only-visits policy. This will not only help you manage your front desk but make your workplace safe and secure (useful for auditing security lapses and data compliance). Visitor management apps are also vital in the case of emergencies as they offer one-click access to a real-time evacuation list.

  • Restrict unwanted visitors by allowing pre-registered visitors only.
  • View all your current visitors.
  • Create and view an audit trail for compliance procedures.
  • Instantly print an emergency evacuation list for enhanced safety.

4. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Having visitors sign in on a visitor app can save their data from being seen by others (as it is with a traditional logbook). It also allows them to automatically opt-in or out of data processing policies. However, if consent is given, reception management apps like VizBook can also save data so it can be retrieved (or deleted) in a few clicks.  

  • Obtain data privacy consent at your sign-in kiosk.
  • Set a custom data retention policy.
  • Access and export data for GDPR compliance requests.
  • Manage data stored on VizBook across all locations from a single dashboard.

5. One Business, One App

Managing a multi-location business can be challenging. Using an automated visitor management system offers a holistic view of visitor analytics across all locations from a single dashboard. Comparative insights into visitor activity at different locations enables your business to easily make data-driven decisions about staffing, security, and hosts.

  • Create and manage multiple locations from a single dashboard.
  • View and analyse visitor reports for all locations.
  • Control access permissions and assign custom user roles.

Above are only a handful of benefits that an automated reception management app, like VizBook, can bring to your business. By equipping your business with the digital tools required to enable you to view real-time data and respond swiftly, you’ll be able to manage your front desk with enhanced security and data protection from a single dashboard.

VizBook is a modern-day digital front desk management system. It provides a simple, digital, streamlined sign-in experience. Sign-up for your FREE TRIAL today.


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