Kiosk

Modern technology at work

VizBook apps create a sign-in kiosk that replaces the paper visitor book. With our modern digital technology, you can now manage an un-manned front desk round-the-clock.

Customised welcome experience

Display custom welcome text alongside your company logo. Create a synchronised welcome experience across all your devices at multiple locations.

Self sign-in and sign-out for Visitors

Our app eliminates the need for visitors to be manually signed in and out. You can also capture visitor details and photos for the quick and secure entry and exit of visitors.

Visitor pre-registration

Hosts can pre-register visitors to provide a professional first impression. Visitors are sent a sign-in QR code via email along with the venue and host details.

Quick Visitor sign-in

Digital Sign-in

Visitors enter their details, take a photo, and submit it digitally for the host to be notified.

QR Code Sign-in

Visitors scan their pre-registered QR code to sign in without manually entering their details.

Host Notification

The host is notified instantly about the arrival of their visitor(s).


Digital logbook

Record keeping

All your visitor records are saved digitally so you can access them wherever, whenever.

Paper-free front desk

Eliminate paper and stationery from your front desk as VizBook enables your front desk to operate paper-free.

Print Visitor badges

Customised Visitor badges

Choose from a range of stylish visitor badge designs with customised text and branding.

Print-ready templates

Connect your sign-in kiosk to the industry-leading visitor badge printer to print paper badges.


Instant host notifications

Email notifications

The host is instantly notified via email after the visitor signs in. The host can view their visitor details and arrival time to facilitate a personalised welcome experience.

Notification Settings

The host can choose which employees appear on the sign-in kiosk and provide individual notification settings for each employee, so they are informed of all or selected arrivals.

Visitor invitations

Email Invites

Send email invites to visitors with the meeting venue and host details.

Pre-register Visitors

Allow visitors to accept invitations and provide them with essential information before arrival.

Sign in Faster

Pre-registration enables visitors to sign in quickly via a QR code sent via email.


Multiple locations

One app for all locations

Manage multiple locations or business sites from a single app with VizBook.

Dedicated location managers

Assign one or more dedicated managers to each of your offices, so they can oversee staff members and visitors at their location.

Location Management

Select the super admin access permission to switch between locations and hosts, so you can oversee management and view visitor and device reports for one or all locations from a single dashboard.


Unlimited Host Organisations

Whether a business has multiple departments or manages multiple tenant companies operating from the same location, VizBook allows unlimited hosts to be added at the kiosk.

Unlimited Host Employees

Choose an individual staff member to greet visitors or add multiple employees to appear on the host list.


Secure and Compliant

Digital security barrier

VizBook functions as a digital security barrier for unauthorised or uninvited visitors. The secure sign-in process ensures that hosts don’t have to deal with unexpected visitors.

Legal consent

Add customised text to legal consent boxes on the sign-in screen. You can also add external links to legal disclaimers, and terms and conditions for visitors to view.

GDPR Compliant

Record and delete visitor data in accordance with GDPR to ensure you always stay data compliant.

Evacuation List

Real-time visitor data

Cloud technology enables real-time visitor data to be automatically available in the case of an emergency.

View or print evacuation list

The building manager can view or print an emergency evacuation list in a few clicks.


Corporate branding

Be professional, Be impressive

Add a custom logo and welcome message to your sign-in kiosk to present a professional and impressive first impression.

Branded emails

Send branded email invites with the location, host contact details, and meeting notes.

User roles

Access permissions

Staff members can be granted specific permissions according to their roles. The pre-defined roles of super admin, manager, and standard user come with customisable default access permissions.

Visitor management

Host staff can send personalised invites and manage their own visitors. You can add specific staff members to manage visitor meet and greet.


Cost Reduction

Fixed Pricing

VizBook offers fixed-price packages to suit the individual needs of your business.

Personalised experience with fewer personnel

Having a digital visitor app can significantly reduce reception staff costs. The streamlined self-sign-in and sign-out process will help you run an un-manned reception 24/7.