How a Visitor Management System Can Benefit Your Business in 2021

Running an automated front desk from an app brings countless benefits for your business — from helping you to stay on top of GDPR compliance, to enabling management of multiple office locations from a single dashboard — so, in this article, we’ll be discussing how a digital visitor management app can create a professional first impression, streamline your operations, and aid managerial decision-making.

What is a Visitor Management App?

A modern-day visitor management app is a digital visitor book that enables both visitors and employees to easily sign in and out of the workplace. The purpose of the visitor management app is to replace the paper visitor book by utilising modern, digital technology.

The front desk can now be managed un-manned round-the-clock. With a self-service app, you can offer a customized welcome experience, digitally record visitor information, and automate visitor badge printing.

Utilise Technology for a Great First Impression

A professional visitor management app allows you to easily create a positive impression for your visitors as the whole sign-in process is digitised. You can send pre-visit notifications and sign-in QR codes via email for quicker sign-in upon arrival — this not only saves time and money when administering the visitor flow, but also creates a professional first impression.

Seamless, Flawless, Paperless – It’s Your Front Desk!

Your visitors, employees, and contractors do not want to spend time queuing just to record their sign-in or sign-out time. Most people are also interested in how their data is recorded and used in accordance with GDPR rules. With a visitor management app, you can abolish the queues and record visitor information through a GDPR compliant app as you view real-time visitor information about your business from the palm of your hand.

COVID-19 Compliant

It’s not just visitor data that stays safe: VizBook enables you to allow or restrict visitor access to enable easy social distancing. You also have the option to incorporate a COVID-19 risk assessment of visitors into the existing sign-in process.

Plan Ahead

Automated visitor management systems help you organise your offices in the present, and they also help you to plan ahead by analysing visitor reports to inform future decision-making. In addition, fully customizable user access roles mean that your management team can assign tasks (such as location management, host communication, and emergency response management) to specific employees.

Start Your Free Trial with VizBook Today

VizBook is the best way to create a professional first impression, streamline your operations, and aid managerial decision-making. If you want a visitor management system that covers the essential features listed below (and much more), then start your free trial of VizBook today and see how it can help your business.

  • Self-service iPad Kiosk
  • Corporate Branding
  • Multi-location Management
  • Multi-host
  • Branded Email Invites
  • GDPR Compliant 
VizBook is a modern-day digital front desk management system. It provides a simple, digital, streamlined sign-in experience. Sign-up for your FREE TRIAL today.

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