How much should you pay for a Visitor Management App?

“How much will it cost?” It is a common question, often asked by decision-makers, while replacing an existing software application or setting up one for the first time.

However, the cost is just a number! The benefits of some apps, such as a visitor management app, outweigh the cost. Running an automated front desk on an iPad kiosk, staying on top of the GDPR compliance, and managing multiple locations from one Single Dashboard are just some of the heavyweight benefits of a digital visitor app.

In this article, we have discussed how a digital visitor app can enhance the professional outlook, operational management, and managerial decision-making.

Visitor Management App

A modern-day visitor management app is a digital visitor book for visitors to sign-in and sign out in a seamless manner.

The core purpose of the visitor management app is to replace the paper Visitor book with modern digital technology. The front desk can now be managed un-manned round-the-clock. With a self-service app, you can offer a customized welcome experience, digitally record the visitor information, and automate visitor badge printing.

At VizBook, visitor management is as easy as steps below:

  • A visitor signs-in at a self-service iPad sign-in kiosk
  • Host is automatically notified of visitor’s arrival
  • Host welcomes the visitor at reception

Tech Impression is the First Impression

A visitor management app is not just a visitor log book In fact, it is much more than this because it helps you create a lasting impression among visitors. You can pre-visit invites and send sign-in QR code via email for quicker sign-in upon arrival. The idea behind using the app instead of an old-style paper visitor book is to digitize the whole process. This does not only save time and money in administering the visitor flow but also enhances your professional outlook.

Seamless, Flawless, Paperless – It must be your Front Desk!

Ideally speaking, visitors, employees and contractors would prefer not to waste their time waiting in the queue just to record their sign-in or sign-out time. Similarly, the vast majority of people are interested in how their data is recorded and used under the GDPR rules. With a visitor management app, you can abolish the queues, record the visitor information on a GDPR compliant app and view real-time visitor information on the palm of your hands.

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Visitor management app is your digital barrier. It’s not just the visitor data that stays safe within the app, it also secures your premises while giving you the full control over allowing or restricting the visitor access. Some visitor apps have also incorporated the COVID-19 risk-assessment of visitors into the existing sign-in process. 

Some of the key security features of visitor management app are:
  • Obtain legal consent on sign-in screen
  • Capture the image of visitors
  • Collect key contact information
  • Save and retrieve the visitor data in compliance with GDPR rules
  • View on-site signed-in visitors, employees and contractors in real-time
  • View and print the evacuation list from any device and anywhere in emergencies 
Plan Ahead

Visitor management app can be a good resource for management to view and analyze the visitor reports for future decision making. Daily, weekly or monthly visitor reports alongside the host reports can help building managers plan events based on past trends. In addition, fully customizable user access roles mean that management can assign tasks such as location management, host communication and emergency response to specific employees.

A Win-Win App

In short, you cannot possibly go wrong with a visitor management app to streamline your visitor flow. So, how do you choose the right one? There is a long list of cloud-based visitor management apps that you can choose from, however, we recommend that you lookout for the following features while making your decision:

  • Self-service iPad Kiosk
  • Corporate Branding
  • Multi-location Management
  • Multi-host
  • Branded Email Invites
  • GDPR Compliant
VizBook is a modern-day digital visitor book. It offers a Simple, Digital, and Streamlined Sign-in Experience. Sign-up your FREE TRIAL today.

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