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Contactless Sign-in

Back to Work? Make it Safe and Secure with our contactless technology.
Vizbook offers safe and secure contactless sign-in for your customers and employees. iPad kiosk eliminates the need for filling in on-screen forms. Visitors scan the QR code displayed on iPad kiosk and complete the sign-in process on their smartphone. Your employees skip the Tap in/out exercise by scanning the QR code on their smart phone.



Get visitors to quickly answer health questionnaires before they sign-in. Vizbook allows you to create a customised flow of questions to suit your own needs. Collect the key track and trace information and digitally store it against the visitor’s record.


Badge Printing

Automated Visitor badge Printing for Visitors
Choose from stylish Visitor badge designs with customised text and branding. Connect the iPad kiosk to industry leading Visitor badge printer to automatically print paper badges when visitors sign-in.


Notification on the Go

Host is notified instantly via email after Visitor signs-in. Host can view the Visitor details and sign-in time for a personalised welcome experience.Host can also choose employees to appear on sign-in kiosk with customised notification settings for each employee.


Evacuation List

Cloud technology enables real-time Visitor data to be readily available in case of emergency. With VizBook, building managers can view or print emergency evacuation list in under few clicks.