Visitor Invitation Best Practices

Pre-registering visitors using a visitor management app can save a significant amount of time for both the visitor and host.  It can also help plan the meeting i.e. booking the right-sized meeting room, sending internal invites to co-hosts and arranging the required equipment for presentation.

Pre-registration is a smart way of creating a positive sign-in and meeting experience for your visitor. It is also a useful feature to formally introduce yourself and send the meeting details such as location address and meeting notes. Digitally smart visitor management app can be quite handy in managing the following pre and post meeting stages:

1. Manage Invites and Meeting Space

We all have experienced the little dilemmas of not having enough chairs in the meeting room for everyone or not finding the power socket for a dying laptop battery. The good news is that you can overcome these little obstacles standing between you and a successful meeting. With a visitor management app, you can send email invites to future visitors, share host information, venue details and any meeting specific notes for the visitor. This works both ways by allowing the host to plan the meeting and visitor to avoid the unfortunate experience of ending up at a wrong address or missing the key documents at home. As a host, pre-registration of visitors will help you book the right-sized meeting room and notify any co-hosts of meeting details in good time.

2. Get equipped in right time

Most modern workplaces are afforded with state of the art technology equipment for greater productivity. However, it can be pretty frustrating when you can’t have access to these equipment when you need it the most. Whether you need the corporate telephony or a projector for PP presentation, pre-registering the visitors and planning the meeting in advance can help you arrange the right equipment you need for a successful meeting.

3. Professional and Detailed Invitation.

Sending the visitor invite through your visitor management app enhances the professional outlook of your business. A company branded email with detailed information on common W’s like ‘‘where, why and what’ will smooth out the visitor experience. App-based invitation increases the admin efficiency by providing a template invite form that sends all the necessary information without fail.

4. Meeting Agenda – Never Forget Anything!

Meeting agenda is the backbone of any successful meeting. Host and visitor should be on the same page before they enter the same meeting room. This not only helps shorten the meeting duration but also allows for a more focused and to the point discussion. Most corporate meetings require having an agenda that addresses the questions of your client and clarify the nature of services you offer. Send your agenda points in the meeting notes section available on invite forms in most Visitor management apps. Setting and sharing the meeting agenda on invite form is a useful way of not forgetting any of those important points.

5. No Meeting! No Waiting!

Last minute meeting cancellations is just another thing you experience everyday at the workplace. Sending visitor invites can save an enormous amount of time if visitors confirm either their attendance or intent to cancel in advance. This will have a multi-fold impact on everyone and everything involved. In case of meeting cancellation, hosts can re-plan their time slots, other people at the workplace can make use of the same meeting room, visitors can notify the host about their future availability and any equipment booked for the meeting can be used elsewhere if needed.

These visitor invitation best practices can be a great way to value the time of everyone on board. Planning and sharing the meeting details using a professionally branded visitor management app will enhance the outlook of your business, increase the host productivity, define the meeting agenda, lessen the chance of duplicate meeting room bookings, help you book the correct equipment for the meeting and reschedule the cancelled meetings in a convenient manner.

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